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BlogHer Tattoos

Houston, we have a hook-up.

I did a bunch of research on tattoo shops near the BlogHer 09 conference and found The Tattoo Factory in Uptown Chicago. They’ve been in business since I was one, making them the oldest continually run tattoo studio in Chicago and making me old as fuck.  They have an amazing group of talented and award-winning artists on staff, and they are more than sympathetic to our cause.

They’ve offered us a rather nice deal over the weekend of the conference.

Rather than all of us scheduling work here, there and everywhere, they’ve offered to not only get us all in and done up at their place, they’re giving all BlogHer attendees 20% off all tattoos and piercings over the weekend, from July 22nd to July 26th.  They’ve arranged with the bar next door for us to receive one free drink with any work done, and anyone from BlogHer who shows up at the shop, work or not, gets $1 off drinks and $2 off appetizers on top of that, and a Tattoo Factory t-shirt on the house.

Oh, and he’s given me a $50 gift certificate and two $25 gift certificates to his studio to give away to y’all. Which doesn’t suck.

You can check out all the artists here and then call (773) 989-4077 to book an appointment.  They will accept walk-ins for small tattoos as time is available, but they strongly recommend making appointments in advance, seeings how they’re totally busy on the weekends as it is, without a shitton of bloggers coming by for work.

So, what about you who aren’t coming, or who aren’t planning on getting divorced tattooed?  Yeah, there’s something for you, too.  Meet Lu.  Lu has a shop on Etsy called Below 14th (and she’s got a blog, too) and in her Etsy shop called Below 14th she sells jewelry that is handmade to order, one of a kind, and occasionally fashioned after tattoos.  Like these.

True; Below 14thBad Apple; Below 14th 

And she’s given me one of each of those to give away as well, so that maybe if you’re not getting a tattoo you can still get a tattoo, you know?  She’s giving one person, attendee or not, 30% off any order from her site, and all of us 10% off any order from her site by using the code BlogHer until July 1st.  Her jewelry is custom made, so if you’re hoping to pick up a new set of earrings to wear to the conference, I’d order before July to make sure your stuff gets to you in time.

For the record, my birthday is March 20th and I wouldn’t cry at all if this showed up at my door.  Just sayin’.

So that’s the deal.  There are three tattoo studio gift certificates and three jewelry items being given away, and to win one just leave a comment here.  No silliness, no pimping out necessary, just leave a comment and mention whether you’d like a something from the Tattoo Factory or something from Below 14th.  5 winners will be randomly chosen on July 1st, and the sixth winner, the one who gets to choose first what they’ll win, will be whoever comes up with a design for my tattoo, because god do I need input.  Make this gorgeous, and email it to with tattoo in the subject line, and I may just have this lady dig your design into my skin for all eternity:

and the grasses will still be singing

Simple, huh?  You’d think.

The Tattoo Factory can also be found on twitter at @tattoofactory, and the official Twitter hashtag if you absolutely must use one is #BlogHerTat.



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