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What Have I Become?

I’ve been dipping my fingers in the holy water of crafting a lot more lately. I think that’s mostly because I’ve already cooked everything on the planet, and now I need a new hobby.

I used to be very crafty, way back in the 1900’s, but kids and jobs and spouses kind of sucked all my time away. I’m almost not at all ashamed to admit that I am enjoying my born-again craftiness. Yesterday, I learned to sew. SEW, people.

I am very ashamed, however, to admit that I’ve waited almost 365 full days to review this book.

Paper Crafts Gourmet

Paper Crafts Gourmet (by Paper Craft Magazine) showed up on my doorstep about this time last year, and in the hubbub of Christmas with three kids, it got shelved. And then I couldn’t remember who sent it to me. (Still can’t.) This year, I’m trying to be a less sucktastic, and a little more artsy, and that’s where this book review comes in.

I love to cook, and I’m trying to be more creative, and here’s a cookbook with simple recipes AND the recipes for a craft to go with each one. Step by step instructions on how to make EVERYTHING…food, notecards, gift jars, whatever. It’s insane. And I’m almost not totally ashamed to admit that my little suburban heart skips a beat every time I flip through it.

There’s pretty much one recipe & craft for every season, including American Idol season, so there’s something to do all the time. Most of it seems easy enough that with some patience and the right tools, I could do these with my older boys.

American Idol

Some of it is admittedly a little more kitchy than I am capable of getting, but some of it has insanely useful application in my everyday, my-kid-has-7-teachers-and-it’s-Christmas-time life. ┬áSome of it has practical application in my I’m-too-cool-to-carry-a-lunchbag-to-school-mawm life. And some of it makes my holiday-spirit-life kind of explode.

Lunch Box
Christmas Crafts Teacher Gift
{If you click them, they get bigger}

I love it. There, I said it. I love this damn book and everything it stands for that I swore I never would. I love it the way I love that minivan I’m trying to talk my husband into buying, the way I love the wire reindeer in my front lawn and my candy-cane walkway lights. I love it the way I love the cotton-ball Christmas trees I made with my kids last week.

Cotton Ball Christmas Trees

I love it the way I love this new person I was stolen and replaced with one night.

I am not taking my nose ring out, however. I’m not that done being an angsty 20-something just yet.

{Since I blow so much at getting reviews done on time, I’m going to try to buy my way out of this one by sending three of these out as Christmas gifts from me, to you. Leave a comment to enter, maybe tell me your most atrocious crafting fail? and we’ll draw three names next week.}



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