BlogHer Tattoos

Houston, we have a hook-up.

I did a bunch of research on tattoo shops near the BlogHer 09 conference and found The Tattoo Factory in Uptown Chicago. They’ve been in business since I was one, making them the oldest continually run tattoo studio in Chicago and making me old as fuck.  They have an amazing group of talented and award-winning artists on staff, and they are more than sympathetic to our cause.

They’ve offered us a rather nice deal over the weekend of the conference.

Rather than all of us scheduling work here, there and everywhere, they’ve offered to not only get us all in and done up at their place, they’re giving all BlogHer attendees 20% off all tattoos and piercings over the weekend, from July 22nd to July 26th.  They’ve arranged with the bar next door for us to receive one free drink with any work done, and anyone from BlogHer who shows up at the shop, work or not, gets $1 off drinks and $2 off appetizers on top of that, and a Tattoo Factory t-shirt on the house.

Oh, and he’s given me a $50 gift certificate and two $25 gift certificates to his studio to give away to y’all. Which doesn’t suck.

You can check out all the artists here and then call (773) 989-4077 to book an appointment.  They will accept walk-ins for small tattoos as time is available, but they strongly recommend making appointments in advance, seeings how they’re totally busy on the weekends as it is, without a shitton of bloggers coming by for work.

So, what about you who aren’t coming, or who aren’t planning on getting divorced tattooed?  Yeah, there’s something for you, too.  Meet Lu.  Lu has a shop on Etsy called Below 14th (and she’s got a blog, too) and in her Etsy shop called Below 14th she sells jewelry that is handmade to order, one of a kind, and occasionally fashioned after tattoos.  Like these.

True; Below 14thBad Apple; Below 14th 

And she’s given me one of each of those to give away as well, so that maybe if you’re not getting a tattoo you can still get a tattoo, you know?  She’s giving one person, attendee or not, 30% off any order from her site, and all of us 10% off any order from her site by using the code BlogHer until July 1st.  Her jewelry is custom made, so if you’re hoping to pick up a new set of earrings to wear to the conference, I’d order before July to make sure your stuff gets to you in time.

For the record, my birthday is March 20th and I wouldn’t cry at all if this showed up at my door.  Just sayin’.

So that’s the deal.  There are three tattoo studio gift certificates and three jewelry items being given away, and to win one just leave a comment here.  No silliness, no pimping out necessary, just leave a comment and mention whether you’d like a something from the Tattoo Factory or something from Below 14th.  5 winners will be randomly chosen on July 1st, and the sixth winner, the one who gets to choose first what they’ll win, will be whoever comes up with a design for my tattoo, because god do I need input.  Make this gorgeous, and email it to with tattoo in the subject line, and I may just have this lady dig your design into my skin for all eternity:

and the grasses will still be singing

Simple, huh?  You’d think.

The Tattoo Factory can also be found on twitter at @tattoofactory, and the official Twitter hashtag if you absolutely must use one is #BlogHerTat.



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124 responses to “BlogHer Tattoos

  1. I am so bummed. I’d made my appt. with Dawn Grace. Is her work not DIVINE!!! But, my flight out is too early on Sunday to be done in time. So, it won’t work. 😦

    Perhaps I’ll console myself with a necklace. Or a piercing. Or a t-shirt. Or just a shitload of cocktails and cheerleading for the rest of y’all.

  2. Tattoo Factory. Because Maria needs something to livestream and I promised her my boobs could be it. I mean…I’d like a tasteful butterfly to commemorate the vacation. please and thank you. And yeah, I know, comment number 1 never gets picked.

  3. Throw my name in the hat.

  4. So do you want the words,

    and the grasses will still be singing

    ? Or a representation? ;p

    My [Our] mom’s birthday is March 20th, too. (@VDog & I are sisters IRL)

    I still don’t know if I can go to BH. Could I give my prize to ZoeyJane if I won? ;p

  5. Megan

    Wow, can’t believe no else wants to leave a comment. So much cuteness going on, I’d be crazy not to.

  6. Shut the front door – first off – you’re having a weekend conference 2 1/2 hours away from me?? And secondly – it’s all only 2 1/2 hours away from me!!! I need to look into this to see if I’m around that weekend. 🙂 Yippeeeeeeee!!

  7. ali

    I’m DYING to get a tattoo. dying.

  8. The tattoo gift certificate fo sho. Thanks, lady!

  9. I heart The Tattoo Factory! I have heard great things about them. I would LOVE to be able to touch up and add to my poor tattoo. 🙂

  10. So um… I am the husband of one ChurchPunkMom and we are going to blogher. I am sure she is going to be asking for another tat (which i think it’s rad) and she will probably ask for another piercing (which again is rad). SO um… can I get in on the discount too? or is this just a ladies thing?

    Anyways – you will definitely be making her blogher experience awesome!


  11. I’m going to pass this design challenge to my husband. The design deadline if July 1?

  12. I’ve been itching for my 2nd tattoo and I just might jump in with the masses and get INKED at Blogher. The gift certificate would make it that much more of an easier decision!


  13. pam

    Below 14 for me please. I’ve been called a bad apple before so that necklace is somehow very appropriate!!!

  14. Damn it to hell I hate ALL of you for getting to go to BlogHer; I am jealous. Sick jealous, the kind that makes me want to vomit. I mean, I don’t really begrudge you all the good times and the fun and all that happy horseshit, but I want to go. I want a small-yet-tasteful tatoo somewhere on my body that at some point in the future won’t strectch and fold with my sagging, stretch-marked skin and look nothing like what it was supposed ot in the first place. Needless to say, the tattoo gift certs won’t do me a damn bit of good, but the jewelry might make me feel just the tiniest bit better about the fact that I don’t get to go to BlogHer. 🙂

  15. I want. I waaaaahhhhnnnt to go to BlogHer, but the children in my house just keep eating and growing and neeeeding things, so I have to stay home.


    So, Below 14th for me.



  16. Well I wouldn’t turn down a pretty tattoo-ey necklace but I’d much rather get one of those gift certificates and brand myself for life. I’m 2 freaking hours away and I can’t afford to got to Blog Her. Gah this economy sucks donkey balls.

    I definitely need another tattoo!

  17. Amy

    This is SWEET. Phil at the Tattoo Factory actually did my tattoo in ’07 after the BlogHer Conference. I had my nose pierced that day there, too. I HIGHLY recommend this place!

    Note: Ignore the crazies walking around outside. I believe there is a Meth clinic just a block away…

  18. I am going to be at BlogHer and I have a tattoo.

    And I could use another.

  19. I love the Below 14th stuff! I hope I win!

  20. I dunno….I’m on the fence.

  21. I’m entering, but I’m totes on the fence about work or necklace work or necklace. Someone give me a good hard shove in one direction or another.

  22. I’ll take one of those necklaces. Don’t think I’m woman enough for a real tattoo.

    But… if a group of you are going together, can I at least tag along? I mean, if you’re going to get a tattoo mere blocks from where I lived until last summer (ghetto power!), the least I can do is be a de facto hostesss/tour guide…. I don’t have a conference pass, but I’m going anyway. Why the hell not, right?

  23. I can’t go to BlogHer. AGAIN. *pout*

    So can I pretty please have a pretty necklace from Below 14th? Thank you!

  24. tadpoledrain

    Aw, man. A Chicago tattoo doesn’t do me any good, but the stuff at Below 14th is bee-you-tee-ful. Love.

  25. If I were going to BlogHer, I would totally get a tattoo. But, I’m not, so I’m going to have to settle for that beeaaa-U-tiful necklace!
    You know, I like to think that I’m punk and crunk and bunk and all the other words that rhyme, but I’m really just a 20-something suburban mom. But hey, if you can make it cool, I’ll just keep trying!

  26. Tattoo please. Why not? I’ve been tattoo-procrastinating (Tatcrastinating? No, that just looks ugly…) long enough.

  27. ooh! ooh!! pick me, pick me!!

    I need more ink and holes..

  28. I’m going and I WANT another tattoo. Also, love the bling. Sign me up for both.

  29. sad. i wont be at BlogHer. 😦

    not sad? i l♥ve those necklaces.

    awesome? i have 5 tattoos and have FULL intention on getting another! 🙂

    you rock. i’ll say it again.

  30. Alex

    That Below 14th stuff looks GREAT! Would love to be on the list for that…

  31. I might be too scared to get a tattoo, but that is some fine-looking jewelery.

  32. I can’t wait to get my second one at BlogHer! I’m totally wanting the gift certificate to get a tattoo.

    Give me some ideas of what you want for your tattoo and i’ll design it 🙂

  33. Enter me for any and all free shit.. tattoos included!!

    I’ll get a tattoo on my ass that says “smacked by Mr. Lady”

    Ok, maybe not.

    But would be fucking rad!

  34. Island Mummy

    I am a bad blogger, the kind who starts a blog and never posts. But I read a lot of blogs, does that count? I’m also just a ferry ride away so postage would be cheap!

    Pick me pick me! haha
    I would love one of those gorgeous necklaces from Below14th!

  35. Below 14 please…I LOVE Etsy. The man banned me from it, but I am still a regular, and he just shrugs when I get mysterious packages in the mail and I giggle and run and hide to open them. Simple Pleasures.


  36. ACB

    Totally can’t go to BlogHer, have 5 tattoos and plans for more, but am definitely lovin Below 14th!! Chuck me in for that one!

  37. debb

    I was just sittin here jonesing for a new tat. Since I won’t be in Chicago please enter me for the beautiful jewelry. Xo

  38. ML

    I hestitated too long deciding about BlogHer this year, so I won’t be there. Also, I have the bad ruddy Irish freckly kind of skin that is the reason people mock tattoos. So, I’d appreciate some nice Below 14th bling. It will remind me to get off my butt in time next year!!

  39. My husband hates tats too. Heh.
    See, thing is, big ass pussy here is hesitant about getting a tat. Want one, big time, tho.
    The story? My dad had 27 of them. The favorites by far were the eyes on each check of his ass. When he was really sick and dying in the hospital, one of the few things that would make him laugh really hard was when the nurses would discover the tats as they flashed between the flaps of the hospital gown. They’d gasp and say “You’ve got eye’s on your butt!” and he’d laugh and laugh and laugh. I miss that laugh.
    My sister got eyes tatooed just above her butt in honor of Dad.
    Me? I’m still hesitating.

  40. Below 14th, please. I am not near Chicago~but I would TOTALLY go with and ink up if I were there. I have always wanted a tattoo toe ring!

  41. Michele D

    Loving the necklaces at Below 14th. This is awesome.

  42. Dude… If I were going to BlogHer, I’d totally let you hold my hand while I got inked (not for support or anything… I really *ahem* enjoy the getting of a tattoo… just for the whole being close to you business (you business, not your business, although I’d totally not have a problem with that…))…

    Alright, shutting up now before I use any more parenthesis.

    I’d really love a new necklace.

  43. Much as I’d like a new tat, I won’t be in Chicago. But the necklaces are neat, too!

  44. I would eat my arm for another tattoo. I got my first one on my 40th birthday and now…I am addicted. I got another the next night and I would …yea, eat my arm for another….

  45. Much as I’d love a tatt, I’m not a Blogger, which means I’m not going to BlogHer, so boo.

    But oh, that jewelry would make me look so much cooler and cuter than I actually am…Great stuff–I’m off to check out their Etsy page now.

  46. I am only able to attend Blogher on Saturday, but I am totally in line for a tattoo.

  47. The only way I will be at BlogHer is if I win the Whrrr scholarship, and since I think it will involve creativity, I’m out. But I’m there, in spirit, you know? So I’d love to win some tattoo jewelry! (pain free, that’s a bonus)

  48. kimt205

    If I can get off the waiting list and get a ticket , I’m in !! Do they do white tattoos??

  49. You know, I’d love either and if I miraculously win one of the gift certificates for the tattoo, I’ll drag my butt all the way down to Chicago for it.

  50. if only i were going to chicago with y’all (boo me) i’d be ALL over new ink and new tattoo(s). The donor would hate me too, yo.

    that said – i am ALL over the below 14th gear. sweet! sweet jewelery. /swoon

  51. Please hook me up with a Tattoo Factory GC. That way, I can tout the bargain to my jealous husband when I come back from Chicago with more ink.

  52. I’m a chicken shit so I won’t get a tattoo (and my hubs also hates them, but that’s not my primary reason, it’s because I’m chicken and don’t think there’s a spot on my less than elastic skin that will rock a tat anymore… sigh…) But those necklaces are sweet!

    I’m laughing at Mishi’s comment above too, wouldn’t you love to see that ;)?

  53. shannon

    oh man, that jewellry is cuter than anything! the scream? the hangman? HILAR-IOUS. haha. have fun at blogher, if i had money/social skills/a blog i would so be hitting that up too. i’d even come get tattoos with y’all.. that is, if i wasn’t petrified that i would pass out from pain..

    we have the same name! that means by hooking me up with below14th, you’re basically hooking up yourself, right? 😉

  54. I’m IN!!!!!

    Now if I can just decide where to get it we should be set!

    Thanks for getting this all together, Shan.

  55. I’m in like sin for the Tattoo Factory!

  56. I’d like something from the Below 14th store 🙂

    I’d totally be in for the tattoo factory certificate but I won’t be in town 😦

    But yeah, the jewelry’s gorgeous, so I’m putting me up for that!

    will try to think of a tat design for you 🙂

  57. I’ll throw my name in for the cool tattoo-like jewelry because I’m so not cool enough for a tattoo.

  58. I’d love the tattoo gift certificate. I want to get a daisy on my wrist so I can remember which side my Girl Scout pins go on without looking like an idiot in front of my daughter’s troop. Yeah I’m weird like that.

  59. Cinthia

    I love tattoos. I wish I were going to blogher, but then again, I don’t exactly blog… LOL

  60. Deb

    You are a force! And your husband needs a talking-to. I need something to commemorate my oldest moving out on his own, but damned if I know what that should be.

  61. The gutsy part of me says Tattoo Factory but the Big Chicken says below 14th.

  62. I’d love something from Below 14th. But what i would like even more is to go to BlogHer! But I don’t think I’m popular enough, or know enough people, or maybe I’m too old (44). Or, maybe my husband would divorce me if I went! LOL LOL

    Are you a dolphin kind of girl? I would love a dolphin tatoo cause I love them!

  63. KBO

    Actually, I’ve been putting off getting my next ink, so Chicago may just be the time to do it.

    And it’s totally going to be in the shape of the state of Iowa.

  64. Not quite ready to get the tattoo (I’ve been thinking about it for several years now, but I haven’t finished researching the design I want), but I’d be mighty tempted to get my nose pierced. Very, very tempted…

  65. I’ve already emailed one of the artists to see if he’ll have a spot free for me so a little extra help in the $ department would be sweet. 🙂

  66. I would like something from Below 14th.

  67. I am totally going to try to squeeze this in 🙂 I need another one 🙂

  68. I’ll be a BlogHer. A gift certificate would help/assist me in making lots of decisions.

  69. woot! This is awesome! A discount!?! Tattoo #5, here I come! 🙂

  70. Tattoos and piercings…..will they pierce anything?….Like a nose piercing? Cool. Mr Lady does it hurt?

  71. craftymamaof4

    I want a tattoo so bad, but I fall into that (divorced) tattooed category 😦 Told my hubby about it and he asked who was sponsoring that part of my trip and I said him. He told me not to come home if I spend his money on a tattoo, so you see I REALLY need to win this so I can join in on the fun.

  72. I’d love something from The Tattoo Factory. Word.

  73. I would loooove to get my old tat touched up and have a couple little additions done! Cannot WAIT for BlogHer!

  74. Oh yes, a new tat would rock my world. And totally freak the Huz out when I get home, heh!

  75. Sweet. I really need to finish up the tattoo I started a few months ago. I’m in. So is my partner in crime, Danielle. We will make the appt and meet you all there. So obviously, I want the gift cert cuz I don’t think what I’m getting done is gonna be cheap!

  76. BTW…I vote for craftymamaof4 to win becuz there is nothing funnier than pissing off a husband!

  77. I’m getting something from the tattoo factory. I’ve been wanting another tattoo for quite some time, and if I win the gift certificate I can get something even more spectacular!

  78. Ohhh I’ve been after a new tattoo for awhile. Count me in for that.

  79. Dude! I’d love a piercing from the Tattoo Factory 😉

  80. Oh, what to do, what to do….a new tattoo or re-pierce my nose???? Hmm, maybe both. Ok, definite nose piercing and possible new tattoo!

  81. O.M.G. I’ve had my BlogHer appt with Dawn Grace booked since DECEMBER. I cannot wait. Please count me in on some tattoo prize action.

  82. Count me in! I’ll be at BlogHer Thursday thru Sunday and would love some ink. I want to get a quote of some sort… something sentimental, in latin perhaps, down my spine.

  83. Um tattoos at BlogHer…how freaking awesome is that! I will definitely be checking out the Tattoo Factory so having a gift certificate would be awesome!

  84. I’ve been contemplating a new tattoo for a long time. If I won a gift certificate, I’d b just have to use it. Ink me!

  85. bri

    I am almost ready for a tattoo. This could be the push I need. Am I supposed to not be nursing anymore or does that not matter? Also, I am scared. But interested.

  86. SJ

    Count me in! I could use some more ink so the gift certificate would be fantastic!

    And if I don’t win? I could still use some more ink…

  87. Im so there.
    Im so getting another tattoo.
    Thanks for this!

  88. I’m more for a nose piercing myself. Still contemplating, but clearly a gift certificate would tip me to just having to do it….. or some ink…..

  89. I am in, I got a Mickey Mouse head on my shoulder for my 40th birthday – I do believe the good Mouse needs a body….

  90. fearandparentinginlasvegas

    Dawn Grace is booked. I’m bummed. I finally know what I want and who I want to do it. I’m pouting like a five year old.

  91. So, I totally want a new tattoo. Bummer Dawn Grace is booked, but if I won, I’d deal. Or I could always get something pierced.

  92. so once again, i’m too loser’ish to be at blogher, although why the heck i didn’t figure it out for this year, i’ll never know.


    i want a necklace.


    k? thanks.

  93. caitlin

    Tattoo Factory – count me in. I think I finally know what I am going to get while at BlogHer & a gc would be amazing.

  94. Shit- am I too late?? I’m dying for the tat GC! BlogHer will be my first time out of the house without kids or husband that doesn’t include schlepping groceries in 15 years! I truly need to do something regretful that will make my husband’s head spin- I seriously can’t wait!

  95. I’m in for a tattoo, and a GC would make it a lot easier to justify. I was on the fence for awhile, mostly because I’ve never thought of the right design, but I found the perfect design this week.

    I’m finally ready for my first tattoo, although I hope someone will be with me to hold my hand.

    (And so pouting that Dawn Grace is booked. But she assured me the other artists would do just as good of a job.)

  96. jen

    I won’t be at BlogHer, but I live close enough to Chi-town that I would still be able to use a gift certificate! Sign me up!

  97. I thought I already left a comment. I am in for the Tattoo Factory. I need mine touched up, it’s faded.

  98. As much as I want to go to BlogHer this year, I can’t.. so put me on the list for the jewelry! Great contest!

  99. This sounds like the perfect opportunity for me to get a second tattoo. I want some Tattoo Factory love please!!!

  100. Rhi

    I would like to win something from Below 14th. I have my eye on somethin’ there.

  101. Tattoo Factory, please. Would be so awesome.

  102. Tattoo – definitely. Necklace, cute but not so much. Inaugural BlogHer conference, and new ink would make it a permanent memory.

  103. Teri Lehr

    I could so go for a new tat…put me in the hat!

    I will see what I might come up with for a design for you!

  104. Ooo ooo pick me. I’ve been thinking about it and am at the right place in my life. Now’s the time. 🙂

  105. I would like to win an ink certificate… for me or my lovely ChurchPunkMom who has decided what she wants – i have not 😦

  106. I’m clarifying…I’m in for the gc…I need the green so it will help pay for it and my hubby won’t blow a gasket when he finds out how much it costs.

    You Rock, Shan.

  107. I know it’s against my religion, but I really want another tattoo.
    So I’m going to just SAY Below 14th but secretly pine for the tattoo.

  108. I would love something from Below 14th! (please?)

  109. I wanna tattoo. I’m taking my lame ol’wife ( to Blogher and I can’t swing the price of admission for her AND me so I’m gonna wander around the streets looking shiftless and morose (and maybe find me some Rum). This would give me something more constructive to do!

  110. Lu

    Here I was planning on getting a tattoo and now I have a reason to really get the damn thing. I am so in for the Tat certificate!!

  111. throwing myself in there for a tattoo… wheee! *plunge*.

  112. Ali

    Not able to make BlogHer this year, but hopeful for next year!

    Please sign me up for Below 14th!

  113. Mommy needs a monkey!

    I got a tat for my daughter…only fair I get one for my son.

  114. Since I am unable to attend, waaaah and all that I would like to be on the jewellery list pls and thanks

  115. lilmissbridget

    i’d love a little sumthin sumthing from Below 14th!

  116. I’ll go Tattoo, tyvm.

  117. Since you *keep* bringing it up, I guess I’ll throw my name in the hat for some ink. 😉 Cause I totally need more you know.

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  119. Did you announce the winners and I missed it? I’m dying to know if I’ll be able to get the art that I want!

  120. Mr Lady

    I did, on the other blog. You didn’t. sorry baby. 🙂 Mr Lady: An illegal alien (it’s more fun than Phil Collins would have you think) at Canada Moms Blog {dot} com- Gets patriotic on the politics channel at Blog Nosh {dot} com- Makes her children contemplate emancipation at Whiskey In My Sippy Cup {dot} com

  121. Richard Detrige

    Hello.This article was really motivating, particularly because I was searching for thoughts on this matter last Monday

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