Charmed, By Karen.

CharmsMy best friend Molly told me one day that a friend of hers was a jewelry maker and that I ought to look at her stuff on Etsy. And I did. Because I love Etsy and Molly has impeccable taste.  And I thought it was very pretty, gorgeous actually, but wasn’t quite sure if it was me. Because I don’t exactly do charms. I hardly do mascara, after all.

So Molly’s friend, Karen, sent me a few to see up close. I asked her to send me her personal favorites, one of her autism awareness ones and one other one that I absolutely had to touch. She sent the two I asked for and two others, both in the picture.

These things are seriously the bomb.  Like, enough that I think I’m a charm person now.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with the two charms with crystals, but when I looked at her site I saw this:

* Add to your cell phone * Add to your key chain * Hang from your rear view mirror
* Hang from a lamp/fan pull cord * Wrap around your purse strap * Hang from your backpack * Hang from a wrapped gift
* Add as a decorative zipper pull on your coat, coin pouch, purse, diaper bag, knitting bag, messenger bag, lap top bag

Um, light pulls? ALL OVER THAT. I’ve got one hanging off the little tiny zipper on my little tiny change purse right this very second. Yes, I have a change purse. I’m trying to be a girl over here, people.

I’m itching to send someone the pair of BFF charms because it would be cute, and I’m dying to send some poor, unsuspecting fool the handcuff charm, because it would be really hard to talk your way out of that with the missus, and would totally make me giggle.  At Christmas, these things are SO going on the ribbons of gifts.  They cost as little as $4 for many of them, and just a few like that purple on in the picture go up to $13, but that is the most expensive one I’ve found on her site so far.

She makes them by hand, they are crazy sturdy and stunningly, ornately detailed.  They are really, really inexpensive and would make a totally rad gift for your mom or your friends daughter’s 9th birthday.  I mean, she sends them to you like this:
Charms in bags
Dude, you had me at metallic pull-string bag.  Her site is on Etsy and it’s called Charmed By Karen.  It’s totally worth a peek.

Oh, and one other thing…if you’re itching to either get your kid into the occult or put a hex on her bedroom, simply request the Ouija board charm, get it, love it with everything you have in you, hang it on your keychain, go vacuum the upstairs while your daughter plays unattended and find your keys under her bed hours later, sans charm.



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4 responses to “Charmed, By Karen.

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  2. Michele D

    Wow, those are gorgeous. I know my kids would end up with them, but maybe I can figure out something…..

  3. How did I NOT know you had this blog??? I mean, I’ve been reading you for over a freaking year! Maybe I just don’t pay attention.

    LOVE those charms! However, my friend makes jewelry and I have a “thing” with the colors of all four of my kids birth chrystals in a line hanging from my rear view mirror, and she made a me a cool book mark. I don’t wear much jewelry. I have five pair of shoes, four bras, two purses, not much makeup and my husband has about twice as many clothes as I do.

    I wish MY husband would force me to go shopping! LOL

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