Me, by Crocs

Oh yeah, I went there.

5 years ago I was working at a wine bar in Denver, and one of the girls I worked with came in wearing Crocs.  And I was all, “Dude, really, ewww.”  And she was all, “I dare you to go buy a pair, wear them to work once, and say that to my face after.”

So I did.  And for the first time in 10 years of waitressing, my legs didn’t hurt after a 10 hour shift.  I didn’t limp to my car that night.  I didn’t have to sit in a hot shower for an hour after work just so I could feel my backbone again.  That one pair turned into this:

I don’t care what you say, Crocs are the SHIT.

A while back, I whined joked in Mommy Martini’s comment section that Crocs never sends me anything, and, well, if you’ve ever read my blog, you know how I love to link to them (mostly to torment Kelley and BusyDad. Bygones.)  Turns out, they read that shit (whoops) and some very nice man at YouByCrocs emailed to offer me a token of his appreciation for my years of slavish dedication to the Crause*.

So yeah, they sent me these beauties.

And, um, dude? They’re fabulous.  They’re all lambswooly on the inside, suedy on the outside, they fold down, the belt on them comes off, and even though the last thing in the world we needed were more Crocs, well, let’s just say that my better half approved.  WHOLE-HEARTEDLY.

*Okay, I made that very last bit up.  I think he just wanted me to stop bitching.  And Crause isn’t a word.  I’m pretty sure Crocs isn’t a cause at all. But it should be.



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52 responses to “Me, by Crocs

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    Wow. Those are actually really, really nice. And I’m not even a boots person. And I can’t walk in heels. And I don’t wear Crocs. Dude. I want.

  3. They look GREAT on you. I am so happy that people really listen to our blogs and things happen.

    Yay. For blogs. And yay for shoes.

  4. PS. What exactly are you wearing in that 1st picture. 😉

  5. i think i am in love. And I’ve been cursing crocs since the day they became popular. i take it allll back.

  6. Mr Lady


    Me. And Crocs. That’s it.

  7. Sam

    Those boots are effin’ hot. But not as hot as nekkid you in that first pic!!

    It’s about time all that whining paid off! 😉

  8. You want it in writing, don’t you? I will never say anything bad about crocs again.

    And since when have you started hiding blogs from me??

  9. pam

    Wow YoubyCrocs are SO much cuter. Let em know you need some for a giveaway 😉 Otherwise I’ll have to shop -(

  10. *snort* well, NO WONDER Mr. hot loooved them.

    He’s smaht.

  11. (yes, I do know he’s not mr. hot. But Mr Mr lady is confoosin’. Can we call him….Kevin??)


  12. Very nice! The boots look good too.

  13. What? Day-um.


    Don’t tell anyone but day-um, they are cute! As were the ones OhMommy had.

    But don’t tell anyone.

    Cause, day-um, they are Crocs.

  14. a secret blog you have been hiding all the time. And this is how I find out . And on my birthday!

    Buy dude Crocs are the shizznet. I am a flip flop person year round and my pair of croc flip flops are the most comfortable shoes I own. And my husband works for a big name sports shoes company and my crocs are still better and more comfy. Those boots thought are freakin hot!

  15. Jimmy, she hid this blog from me, too. I’m gonna forgive her if she sends me that first picture and 12 more like it, though. 😉

  16. I already have a girl crush on you and post a naked boots wearing picture on your secret blog?! Hubs may be getting lucky tonight. You are smokin’ in those boots! And I don’t even like Crocs!

  17. I love me some Crocs. Especially the big, orange pair I wear solely to torment my nine year old. She calls them my clown shoes.

  18. I think I just got a woody.

    You, Crocs, and a hair band around your wrist. You are one classy biatch.

    Luvs ya.

  19. Wow-hotness cubed in a boot. Do I have to promise to post a sexpot pic of myself in order to get mr. Nice crocs supplier to send me a pair, too? Cuz I will-and I’m just sayin’.

  20. playpenmatt

    I guess I don’t feel as left out know that I know not even BusyDad knew about this place!

    Oh, and THANKS for my new screensaver!

  21. Mr Lady


  22. *fweet!* SEXY! Seriously sexy. And I’m not even talking about the boots.

  23. nukedad

    I googled “Croc of S**t”, and ended up here. I guess it’s close enough to “Croc’s are the S**t”. Weird.

  24. holy shit, that is awesome.

    maybe i need to write about my beloved crocs a lot on my blog and then tell them how sad i am that i can’t wear them right now b/c i have to wear hightops for this stupid ankle – maybe they’ll make me some hightops. 😀

    seriously, that is way cool!

  25. omg omg omg so i followed the Crocs by You link after i left my comment. silly me.

    they DO make high tops. i’m SAVED!!!!

  26. There are boots in the first picture?

  27. raino

    feel betrayed lol. a review blog that we didn’t know about wtf? explain review blog.

    now, more importantly, what are you wearing in that first photo. are you….? y’know. are you naked? is it wrong to say that you look totally awsome in it?

  28. I’m so confused! Those boots are Crocs? When did Crocs start making boots???

  29. Angela

    I heart you!

    oh, and the crocs are hot too!

  30. HeyLady! A nekkid review blog………………….. I love it. Good Heavens Mr. Lady……..your a 21st century fox…….YEAH! Peace, Mike.

  31. Oh mah holy hell. Want.

    And dude. That pic? Sexy. WAY sexy. Mrowwwwww.

  32. Love.

    The only company that’s offered to send me anything was Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. I need to look for those; I’ve never even worn Crocs before – just my kids.

  33. Holy hotness woman.

    I can’t believe I made out with you.



    Oh, and you are inspiring me to get naked on my blog again. Just to keep up you know.

  34. Dude… me + you + our matching hot boots= lots of naked fun. 🙂

  35. Zandor

    Those boots are fabulous. I want them.

  36. That’s a hawt boot. But more importantly, damn fine hot model!

  37. I work in Boulder, the founders come from here and I think there’s a city ordinance that everyone must own a pair. I own two. It does not change the high hideousness factor.

    The boots though? Nice. I think the crocs people realized that we’re not all running off to our boats and they wanted to sell more shoes.

    Yay for you that people are sending you free stuff. Now you need to figure out a way to work vacation to europe into your regular posts.

  38. I am so conflicted. Those are cute. But they’re crocs. Freaking Crocs. I think I’ve just entered a logical paradox

  39. Frickin’ awesome boots!!

  40. Dude. Stop making allusions to pregnancy.

    Please tell me you don’t wear capris. Because I might have to rethink “us” if you wear Crocs and capris. Especially if you wear them both at the same time.

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  42. That is a wicked cool picture. Crocs are the shit.

  43. I worship at the Church of Crocs, and just tithed today by buying 5 pairs. (Huge sale) Plus I just found a new Crocs outlet store 20 miles from my house. Walked in the door, dropped to my knees and proclaimed I was in heaven! The staff clapped resoundingly. They love us devotees. I now own almost every single style they have put out. Except those boots. I now have a mission. Thanks for sharing!

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  46. How did I not know you were naked, wearing Crocs. It’s so wrong, yet so very very right.

  47. I had no idea Crocs could be so hot.

    Still can’t do it . . . not yet.

    But maybe . . . in the distant future, I’ll break.

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  49. Cuz_I'm_The_Mom

    Shut UP!
    Boots by Crocs? I was stoked to find just the flip-flop variety. Thanks for the link!
    I dig Crocs, too, and I think the folks who denounce them so vehemently must sit on their asses all day. They are a practical shoe. (at so I thought until I clicked on the YOU link) I bought my 1st pair for the comfort and waterproof-ness. Tubin’ down river on the Guadalupe is easier in Crocs cuz they float if you lose one. Then I wore them when I helped my BIL at his restaurant. HUGE difference after a long day on your feet. Every one of my Dad’s nurses were upset until Crocs made the medical ones without holes on top. They all swear by them. After my third pair, I happened across a website denouncing Crocs as the spawn of the dev-ill. More searching only found a whole Anti-Crocs movement. I was stunned and kind of pissed. WTF?

  50. Is it okay that I think that first picture is hawt? Well…it is….and I have a thing for boots. You women don’t wear them nearly enough. I’ll shut up now.

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